Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Vombatus ursinus is the most commonly found wombat .It's nose is naked , has smaller ears and has a more rounded head and longer fur , then it's cousins the Southern and Northern Hairy nosed wombats.

An adult wombat weighs between 17 kg and 40 kg and is between 80 cm and 130 cm in length .

Wombats live in hilly forest country and burrow underground . There burrows can be as long as 20 metres and they dig there burrows with there strong legs and sharp back legs . Wombats like to live alone and are very shy animals .

Farmers don't like wombats because of there burrows , cattle can break there legs because of the burrows when they step on them , wombats also damage there crop and fences .

Wombats eat grass and other thing like roots , bark and shrubs .
A wombat has a pouch and the baby wombat stays in the pouch for 6 months , wombats usually live for about 5 years in the wild .

Wombats are a protected species and are threatened from poisons that are meant for rabbits or wild dogs , road accidents and land clearing .


On Wednesday we went to the Museum . We had to be at be at Kogarah railway station at 9.00 am , because we had to meet our teacher there . When everyone arrived at the station , Marion gave us some worksheets to do at the Museum . We caught the train at 9.16am . It tookus 30 minutes to get to Martin Place station . We had to wait for Nentis as she arrived late , then we walked thru Hyde park and took some photos of the fountain . Then we walked to the Museum and Rosa and some of the other students , thery were waiting for us in the Museum .

When we got there Rosa collected the money from us ,It cost $ 5 per person and we walked to the front desk , Marion and Rosa asked for Information from the front desk . An employee of the Australian Museum showed us some Australian native animals .

Later we had to do our work at the Museum we were divded into three groups , each group had to do different things . Our group had to do cultural heritage.

After we finished our work we walked up to a different level and we saw alot of thing and they were very interesting for us.

We left the Museum at 2.30 pm and went for lunch . We walked in the wrong direction and walked for a long time with us all being very hungry . Then we had to walk back to bMacquarie street and had lunch at the food court in the shopping center . After lunch we walked to Town Hall station and went home , by the time I got home , I was exhausted .


When I was a child I played Volleyball at school Volleyball is a difficult sport to play . It took me two years to play Volleyball . I started to play Volleyball when I was eight years old ,I had to train every day after school .

Iremember , when Iwas in year five Iwon a prize and after that Iwent to different places to play . Sometime we came first or second . Iplayed Volleyball for many years after that and became captain of the team .

My father was very proud of me and used to come and see me play . His support to me was very important .

These days I don't have time to play Volleyball , because I'am too busy raising my two daughters and going to school , and Imiss playing so much .

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


On Friday the 25th of March weather forecast is dry with some , sunny periods after clearing clouds . Light to moderate easterly winds . Early fog patches and clouds clearing early saturday morning to a dry , mild and sunny day . Light to moderate northeasterly winds . Dry , sunny periods . Temperature will be down to 11 digres overnight on the coast and down as low as 9 digres C ANBERRA . Tomorrow will be 20 : and this weather looks like continuin through to the end of the week with showers expected on the weekend .


In 1999 Sydney was hit by a hail storm , the hail storm was scary . You could see in the photos that the street was covered with a blanket of ice which looked like snow .

In another photo you can see my brother standing in the back yard with the grass covered in ice from the hail storm . You can also see in the first and last photos that the two cars had been hit by the hail storm causing alot of damage .

Alot of properties and cars had been damaged by the hail storm which lasted about thirty minutes . The next day after the storm you could see people cleaning up , over the next week you see some roofs being changed .


Dear , Lily

Yesterday I started my holiday in Krabi , and am now at a peaceful beach , with lots of rocks and cliffs .

Earlier this morrning I went deep into the valley climbing up some steep steeps to get a good view overlooking the sand and beach below me , i am now heading back to the beach to sunbathe a little more .

'' Don't study to hard ''

From Jian write to me soon .


Yesterday I met a new friend , Mrs Ami . she comes from Toko and now she lives in Kogarah . she is married and is pregnant her firet child . Her husband , maged , is her next of kin . She arrived in Australia in 24th June , 2004 and has been here for six months .

A holiday letter

24 March , 2005

Hi , Dad

How are ? I hope everyone at home is okay .
I have been travelling around Australian for the past six months and am very happy here , don't worry about me , I will be back in Thailand befor Cristmas .

Last Cristmas I went to Queensland with the girls for one week . It's beautiful there with lots of beaches . The weather was nice , we travelled by car , it took us thirteen hours to drive to Queensland from Sydney and I was very tired by the time we arrived .

Our first day we spent with friends . Our second day we spent at the beach near our hotel .

My two daughters were very happy , because they had never been to Queensland befor. I wish you could be here , mabe next time you will come with us on holiday .

I have to put the girls to bed now , so is bye bye from me and the girls .

Lost of love ,


Monday, April 04, 2005


In Thailand befor 1980 , women giving birth to new born babies at home , had the assistance of a mid wife . Theywould have to stay at home after giving birth for at least three weeks , for about one of these weeks they could not do anything , their husband would have to help them and look after their new born babies .

Women who gave birth around this time had to put hot stones on there stomaches , this would help them to get better and reduce the swelling .They would also have to eat a special diet of meat and rice during this period .

Thursday, March 10, 2005

My self

My name is Jian and I come from Thailand , my village is called Trang. This is about six hours drive south of Phuket.

I came to Australia ten years ago after I met my husband in Thailand . I am 32 years old .
I am about 160 cm tall and have brown skin . I like wearing skirts and comfortable clothes.

I live in a Suburb called Monterey,. It's a quiet area. Monterey is about 14 kilometers south of the city .There are many parks near where i live.I rent a house with my two daughters ,their names are Jemma and Jessica , Jemma is seven and Jessica is five.

When my daughters are at school I go to TAFE, where I am learning English .I enjoy the course and in my spare time I like to take my daughters to the park to play .I also love cooking Thai food and listening to music.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Winter in Spain by Jian Cassell

In spain there was a man named Carlos, he had a bicycle that he would ride to worke every day.

One morning he looked outside his kitchen window and saw that it was Snowing.He decided that there was too m Snow on the road for him to ride his bike to work. When he worked troungh
the park on his way to work, Carlos noticed that the park benches were copvered in snow.
Carlos also notice further away that the stops of the towers on the "holy virgin of the pilar"
were also covered in snow.

Carlos also noticed that the river that seperates the castle and the park was frozen from
the snow, so he deside to work alone the river bank where a toll obelix stands, it too had snow on it, as did the trees.

When carlos arrivedat work he noticed that his jacket and shoes were wet from the cold snow.

Carlos could not wait until he would finish work to get home to turn on the fire place and dream of summer.